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For homeowners, dealing with the aftermath of wind or hail storms, can be confusing and stressful. Most homeowners will call their insurance company, not knowing where else to turn for information on how to proceed with repairs. For Insurance Adjusters, that stress can be multiplied by a thousand – or the number of claims that might be filed after a storm. Fortunately, as an Adjuster, you don’t have to tackle it all alone, because when it comes to wind and hail, we’re here to help.

Roofers Plus is Canada’s Nationally Accredited Roofing Network, endorsed by insurance companies, as a solution to the manpower shortage in a natural disaster or catastrophe. If you’re an Adjuster, overloaded with wind and hail related claims, we at Roofers Plus want to help you deal with your policyholders as quickly and efficiently as possible, to ensure exceptional customer service and customer retention.

As Canada’s Roofing Network, we at Roofers Plus have the leading local, regional and national talent, which enables us to service claims immediately by dispatching inspectors and Associates from unaffected regions. We can provide insurance reports, sketches, claims and estimators that can take on inspections. When using our network, you as an adjuster can deal with claims expeditiously, knowing you have a stable partner, with a strong commitment to the roofing industry




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