Inspections & Estimates

Inspections & Estimates for Overloaded Insurance Adjusters

For homeowners, dealing with the aftermath of wind or hailstorms can be confusing and stressful. Most homeowners will call their insurance company, not knowing where else to turn for information on how to proceed with repairs. For insurance adjusters, that stress can be multiplied by a thousand – or by the number of claims that might be filed after a storm. Fortunately, as an adjuster, you don’t have to tackle it all alone because when it comes to wind and hail, we’re here to help.
Roofers Plus is Canada’s nationally accredited roofing network, endorsed by insurance companies as a solution to the manpower shortage in a natural disaster or catastrophe. If you’re an adjuster who is overloaded with wind and hail related claims, we at Roofers Plus want to help you deal with your policy holders as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure exceptional customer service and customer retention.
As Canada’s Roofing Network, Roofers Plus has access to the leading local, regional and national talent, which enables us to service claims immediately by dispatching inspectors and associates from unaffected regions. We can provide insurance reports, sketches and claims, and estimators who can take on inspections. When using our network, you as an adjuster can deal with claims expeditiously, knowing you have a stable partner with a strong commitment to the roofing industry
How the Roofers Plus Program Works
Roofers Plus offers these services, performed by pre-qualified roofing contractors in locations across Canada:
  1. We contact the insured within the first hour to assign them an associate roofer and then take the claim (via online, XactAnalysis® or Symbility®) to complete an inspection report.
  2. The associate posts the inspection report details (sketch, measurements and photos) online at, where our staff will create an estimate while following the pricing guidelines established by that insurer partner.
  3. This estimate is then forwarded to the insurance company adjuster for approval.
  4. After the estimate is approved by the adjuster, Roofers Plus assigns the repair to the associate roofer for completion.
  5. The associate acquires a signed work authorization and then proceeds to collect the deductible before scheduling the repair. It is our national company policy to collect the deductible and additionals before scheduling repairs.
  6. After repairs are completed the associate owner or manager submits a 16-point inspection report and collects a signed Certificate of Satisfaction from the insured.
  7. Roofers Plus follows up with the insured to confirm satisfaction and forwards their warranty.
  8. Invoicing will come directly from the associate roofer to the adjuster for payment.
  9. Roofers Plus makes payment directly to the associate.
All of the above will be documented and tracked through our systems, and Roofers Plus follows the process, ensuring that timelines are met and the customer is satisfied with our associate’s service level. Roofers Plus also tracks estimates and invoices in order to provide you with analytics.
Insurance Adjuster Benefits
To increase your productivity, we provide the following services.
  • A toll free number with 24/7 access to our pre-qualified roofing contractor associates across Canada.
  • Single point of contact for inspections, scoping, estimating and repairs.
  • CAT estimating response team in place today.
  • Associate emergency response time of 1 hour.
  • 48-hour response time on non-emergency claims.
  • After scheduled appointment we guarantee a 72-hour estimate delivery, using industry accepted platforms (Xactware® and Symbility®) or written quote, if requested.
  • Compliance to insurer service level agreements, as well as KPIs and insurance provider and health & safety obligations.
  • A 5-year Workmanship Warranty.
  • Invoice review – matches estimate.
  • Additional services: sheet metal, siding, flashing, flat roof, gutters and downpipes.
  • Re-inspection program: services available to validate competitor estimates/services.
  • Tracking and analytics: estimates, completed jobs, invoices, customer satisfaction surveys.