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As the Industry Leader, and the largest and most respected Roofing Network in the country, Roofers Plus strives to surpass all other companies in quality, innovation and value. We have streamlined the components of the Roofing Industry to provide exceptional service to our Insurers, Customers and Associates by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance.

We deliver operational excellence in every corner of the Company to ensure the success of all stakeholders. In the next 5 years, Insurers seem to be trending towards single trades preferred. This is where Roofers Plus was born. We are a roofing network, representing experienced roofing companies from across Canada, with five or more years of experience in the field. We have partnered with Associates, Customers and the Insurance Industry to provide a hub for all.

We developed this program to provide expert repair services to Insurance Companies and their Customers. Insurers now have a Company they can depend on, as we offer aid and immediate assistance during catastrophic events, with quicker response times, and we offer superb craftsmanship, with safety standards exceeding the provincial requirements.

Associates now have an ongoing resource with the latest information including extensive estimate training programs, and health and safety requirements, to ensure their teams are compliant with all provincial and federal certification standards.

We help our customers navigate through the claims process with reliability, dependability, and professionalism and this is why they have made us, their company of choice. Innovation is key to our future success. We have partnered with Hail Track Canada and, we are in the developmental phase of new environmental products that will change the industry and how business is accomplished day to day.

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