Property Managers

Roof Inspections & 3rd Party Verification in All Provinces

We have established a reputation as Canada’s National Roofing Network consisting of qualified roofing associates with experience and expertise in the field of Commercial Roofing. Roofers Plus Canada offers the best roofing solution to regional or national property owners and managers. Knowing that all commercial projects are complex and unique, we provide quality, consistency and value to solve your diverse roofing needs. The longevity of your roof is very important to us; we are a national company which leads to greater accountability and consistent roofing services.
Ladder Assist and Roof Inspection Division
Roofers Plus Canada is pleased to announce the new Ladder Assist and Roof Inspection Division. Our new division is independent from the roofing business and made up of roofers, home Inspectors and related professionals that have been trained to assess damages for what they really are, and not to promote the sale of a whole new roof. We can connect you with local qualified roofers for a complete roof assessment. We work with the insurance industry to provide insurance adjusters with the ability to assess and prepare an accurate estimation using digital photos, professional roofing diagrams and accurate measurements. Our qualified and certified associates consist of home inspectors, roofing experts, and former adjusters, all of whom provide superior service.
Sketches, Measurements & Photos
Our roof inspection experts will provide sketches with accurate measurements, using iPads where available, and provide assessments of hail damage, roof leaks and other problems, with digital photos of all needed repairs. We guarantee a 3-day turnaround on all roof inspection reports. The Roofers Plus Ladder Assist and Roof Inspection Division’s team of experts can provide access to roofs 2-3 stories high in an effort to limit the risk for the adjuster. We offer a full range of ladder assist services, including secure roof access, damage assessments, accurate measurements, diagrams and digital photos. Our associates are trained in safety and how to recognize improper installation, as well as the identification of manufacturer defects and defective roofing materials.
Mediation and 3rd Party Verification
We offer on-the-spot roof repairs and emergency roof tarping services, as needed. Roofers Plus Canada provides post-inspection services to our customers, including mediation of conflicting reports and 3rd party verification.
Our inspectors are trained in the use of iPad technology and Expedata® natural forms, as well as the creation of Xactimate® and Symbility® estimates.
Learn more about Expedata and iPad technology.
Who uses our services:
  • Insurance companies
  • Restoration contractors
  • Property management
  • Banks
  • Roofers
  • Individuals
Save Money with Repairs
We have a ladder assist program designed just for the residential market that addresses minor repairs, such as caulking, gutters, chimney flashings, etc. Download our brochure to learn more. When you are not ready for a whole new roof, contact us for simple repairs.